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Symbols and the non-causal dimensions


         The mind, which is used to look at the world in terms of the causality, calls every event a miracle if it is impossible to establish a cause for it, and yet the mind is not ready to acknowledge the existence of the miracle itself. This inability is not an absurd one because true acknowledgment of the miracle as a consequence, or prerequisite, should have for a result the determination of the causal picture of the world, that is the transition into the non-causal dimensions. On the other hand, if we would cross into the non-causal dimensions, it would be impossible to write this paper work because the center of the language itself has the logo-centric (causal) matrix. For that reason I will discuss the non-causal dimensions through the picture of the world as a contrast to the non-causal dimensions, i.e. as an idea of the causal dimensions. I will discuss it through the story of the miracles as the visible reflections of non-causal dimensions and through the story of symbols as a way of communication with the non-causal dimensions.

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